Who we are

We understand that school management are under constant pressure to provide a safe, reliable service to students and their parents.


1- To ensure the safety of students.

2-To provide amazing value for our clients with high quality transportation management.

What We Do ?

Automated system enable parents to monitor their children during their trip from home to school and their return back through GPS and Bluetooth beacon tracking is a software based system like Uber. no need to install any HW equipments inside the school bus.


Who uses M3aak ?

A lot of users use M3aak not just one user but different kinds of users


Smart card helps monitoring child’s attendance when they board the bus and when they get off the bus, both in the morning


M3aak allows school to track bus through GPS to find out deviation of bus route from its scheduled route. helps school to reduce cost


Keep yourselves informed in details about your child’s safety with M3aak just at your fingertips from your internet connected


Features of M3aak

M3aak has a lot of features for parents,school managers and college students


Time Management

M3aak helps parents to save their time by tracking exact location of school bus and avoid waiting time. the parents will get notification before the school bus comes to take his/her childeren so they can prepare their child , also Parents can prepare themselves to receive their children as they return.


Confirm the boarding status

Automated Pick/ Drop and arrival alerts are sent to parents mobile. by SMS or push notifications four times a day , when they board the bus and when they get off the bus, both in the morning and in the evening by using RFID technology.


Monitor attendance and safety of children

M3aak helps parents to monitor their children's attendance both on bus and through school gates. M3aak ensures the safety and security of your children.

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Track route performance, real-time location, and status of school bus drivers on an interactive, live map and keep complete control over the fleet operations.


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Track your entire fleet in real time on a single screen


Transportation process will be more Simple, Safe, and Secure

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