M3aak is an easy-to-use website and app that enables you to see the location of your child school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This way, you know when the bus is coming to you location for pick-up or drop, so you can send your child out at just the right time or be ready to welcome back your child.

GPS tracking system has the following benefits:

1 Addresses safety concerns
2 Minimize Fuel Costs
3 Theft recovery
4 Low operational costs
5 Increase in productivity

You can simply login by clicking on the login button on the right hand corner of the page.

The primary difference is how you access the data. The look and feel are different on a mobile device for better on-the-go use. You can use the mobile and tablet apps anywhere you can use a mobile device.

You can sign up for M3aak school bus tracking system only if your school district is participating in the service. They will provide you with user name and password to access the system website and App.

You should contact your school admin and ask him to retrieve your password or you can click forget password in the parent portal or in parent App and A password will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Yes you can change your password using parent portal or mobile App

No, parent can’t change their mobile number that is registered to the system for children safety, but you can contact the school admin to update your mobile number in the system.

You can always monitor school bus speed to insure the safety of your child, this can be monitored from the parent portal or from the mobile application. You will find in Student list > Track

If you are logged in Parent App and you have internet Access the system automatically will alert you by sending Push notification to your app when the bus over speeds. Also you will be alerted by SMS. And this features you can turn on or off from the application.

All the time parents can live chat with school admin using Parent App or using parent portal and if the school admin is not online, he will see your messages once he come online, exactly like WhatsApp chat.

Smart phone is not necessary for you to receive notifications. You can get notifications in the form of SMS as well.

You get the notifications regarding the school bus location in the form of SMS, Android push notifications or iOS push notifications in your phone.

You can find all the notification (check in, check out, bus over speed, or bus on wrong route) in parent App under main menu > Notification Or in parent portal in notification section.

You can get contact details for the school bus driver from the parent portal or from the mobile application then you can call him, but please try to limit this action as much as you can.

A complete and real-time connection between the bus, the school and the guardians/parents to have the location of the buses and kids up-to-date.by using GPS technology and NFC/RFID integration.

Each student will be provided with NFC/ RFID tag that has to be swiped while entering and leaving the school bus. Once the tag is read, parents or school authorities get alerts via SMS, iOS notifications or Android push notifications. Then, the students can be easily tracked in real-time using mobile App or parent portal.

If you are school admin you can contact us , and as per number of your buses and students we will add your school in M3aak system, the system will send you text message with a user name and password to start building your school data and enjoy our service.